Top 10 Reasons To Use A Print Management Service

Print management services

So — what is print management?

Well, basically Print Management means that the organisation, ordering and delivery of your entire printing requirements are taken on by one supplier, who manages the whole process for you. So whether you have a small, occasional requirements for simple stationery items or require a huge array of sales and marketing collateral on a regular basis, it’s all handled for you seamlessly. Print management is, however, of particular benefit to the latter category, for example companies or organisations who need a whole suite of printed literature like brochures, stationery, mailers, leaflets, flyers, forms, catalogues, manuals and so on. Here we’ll take a look at those benefits.

Benefits of having your printing managed:


1). It’s convenient

Sourcing your printing from just one supplier makes life easy! With all your printing needs managed for you, every item of sales, marketing or training collateral is ready and supplied ‘on tap’ as and whenever required. When handled well, there is no reason why you will ever need to run out of a particular printed piece ever again. Using a centrally managed print service means you also never have to wonder who printed what and who has the artwork files — they’ll always be in one place.

2). It saves space

With our print management service there is no need for you to take delivery of thousands upon thousands of printed pieces, until the moment you need them. You can order in smaller batches on an ad hoc basis or get us to set up a regular drip-fed supply, as preferred.

3). It frees up your time

Think of the time you’ll save leaving all the work, worry, organisation, inventory and supply to us. That’s time you can spend doing something else!

4). It saves you money

Because we can potentially manage all your printed matter, we can identify areas where savings are ripe for the picking. We can spot instances where a small technical or size change can save you money or even print more than one job at the same time (so there are less printing plates to pay for) without necessarily needing to take delivery of them all together. So you get the cost savings, without needing to find a home for the stock — until the moment you need it of course!

5). It helps cash-flow

Working on the above basis and having your print managed for you means that you can spread out your printing costs too.

6). Brand and Identity Consistency

Sourcing all your printing (and design if needed) in one place like Firstpoint Print will mean your corporate identity remains consistent. Corporate colours and branding rules will be followed to the letter and your logo will be presented just the way it should be, on every printed piece. Managing your printing for you also means we manage your brand as an added bonus!

7). Quality

When you have a professional, knowledgeable team managing your printing, you can be sure that they will get it perfect every time — they have a vested interest in doing so anyway. Because they know printing back to front they can avoid certain troublesome colours, use the best printing process and machinery for the particular job in question, and keep an eye on those all-important small details which can make all the difference to the quality of the final piece. For example keeping paper choices consistent across the various printed pieces, selecting and sticking to appropriate finishes and extras like sealants to limit fingerprinting.

8). Opportunities

Because you’ll be dealing with a professional print management service, one who is not only part of the world of printing but design and marketing too, you may also find that they identify opportunities you might have otherwise missed. For example, a business card which doubles as a mini brochure … or incorporation of a sales message or offer on printed items which had previously been limited to information only. Another example would be where they might identify the potential use of a printed piece which you had previously overlooked, so you end up with an additional marketing tool.

9). One less headache

At the very least using a good print management service will give you one less thing to worry about. That’s one less headache, less stress and confidence in knowing that it’s all being taken care of professionally.

10). Knowing it’s all being taken care of even when you’re away

If you’re away on holiday or away from the office on business, there is no need to worry about your printing! When you have a print management service working for you, you know that – even when you’re away – it’s all being taken care of behind the scenes. After all, we’ll be virtually part of your team.

Print management from Firstpoint Print

Whether your suite of printed sales and marketing collateral includes brochures, stationery, manuals, ring-binders or catalogues, we can organise it all, so you don’t have to. From design and artwork – if you need it – to printing, finishing and delivery, we’ll manage it for you and deliver on time, within the agreed budget. By managing your printing requirements for you we can not only implement a strategy to make sure you have everything you need whenever you need it but, because we can see the bigger picture, we can plan the whole process and make sure that the printing is produced in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. One of the benefits of having digital printing and lithographic printing both in-house is that we can produce small quantities and large quantities at the drop of a hat. We will use whichever process is right for the required job, quantity, speed, quality and budget. With everything in-house, even design and artwork services, we are a complete one-stop shop. We can even produce large format printing and exhibition display graphics! So rest assured … the buck stops with us, and we like it that way. So if you find that you are ordering, say, letterheads from one supplier and brochures from another, then we should probably talk.

Contact us here and we’d be delighted to discuss print management with you. You can choose between three London branches: London Bridge (SE1), Clerkenwell (EC1) or Victoria (SW1). We’ll look forward to your call.