Printed wall graphics, photos, illustrations, pictures and wallpaper

Printed Wall Graphics

Printed wall graphics, photos, illustrations, pictures and wallpaper

Firstpoint Print offers a wide variety of options when it comes to wall graphics. Whether you simply need large photographs and illustrations printed off for display in your lounge, offices, receptions and corridors, or full commercial graphics including a sales or marketing message, large format wall graphics are eye-catching and highly effective, yet affordable. And, because we can print anything you want, each wall graphic can be totally bespoke to you.

Photographs and Illustrations

Stretched canvas printsPerhaps you have a family photo you’d like printed out on canvas and stretched over a wooden frame to form a modern wall display. Or maybe you’ve taken a shine to a commercial photograph or illustration that you’ve found in a high resolution online photo library (some can be amazing quality, yet very inexpensive). Either way, Firstpoint print are able to print it out, on a choice of different substrates, including different textures, ready to be mounted flat, stretched like a canvas picture or framed in a more traditional way. It’s a quick, easy and economical way to jazz up an otherwise nondescript expanse of wall, and can totally transform a room.

Commercial Communications & Signage

From time to time, companies, venues and organisations may require large advertisements and sales messages for display on office or outlet walls. We can design and print posters, framed graphics, mounted graphics, information graphics and any large graphics you can think of. Perhaps you run a café or restaurant and need a poster/advert to catch the eye of your customers when they sit down to eat or drink — a special offer perhaps. Or maybe you run an activity centre of some kind and need some informational content displayed (for example, Health & Safety instructions). Or perhaps you have a retail outlet and need a store guide or store signage printed out, mounted to a rigid backing and attached to the wall, so your customers know where to find particular items. It’s all possible with a simple print-out using our large format printers.

Wall Paper, Murals & Backdrops

Wall-Graphics-wallpaperIt’s even possible for us to print out huge images in sections, for example as floor-to-ceiling strips, which can be adhered onto a wall in the same way as wallpaper. So, an entire expanse of wall can thereby be turned into an enormous graphic, advert, mural or photographic scene. This is a useful and extremely effective way to totally transform a room and ‘trick the eye’ (the meaning behind the term ‘trompe l’oeil’), or even for use as a backdrop in a commercial shoot or movie scene. Read more

Print finishing

Finishing Touches

Print finishing options

It’s often easy to overlook all the ways that printed documents can be transformed in what commercial printers call the ‘finishing’ stages. There is an incredible array of finishing techniques and services available. Such processes can do anything from augmenting your document, for example adding rounded corners or spot varnish, to converting flat sheets into something completely different, for example pads, pop-up greetings cards or folded cartons. So, we thought we’d highlight many of the options available at Firstpoint Print.

Scoring, Creasing & Folding

Starting with the most simple, obvious finishing services, we first come to folding, scoring and creasing. These are extremely inexpensive techniques to turn things like flat sheets into folded sheets — perfect when making booklets, brochures, newsletters, greetings cards and so on. Whether we score or crease depends upon the thickness of the paper/card being used but, rest assured, you can leave such decisions to us.


When you need to be able to easily tear your documents along a predefined path, we can perforate the sheets to make it easy and accurate. We can also ‘micro perf’ on thinner sheets so that the path of the perforation is virtually invisible. Perforation is great for things like tear-off reply cards, tickets and vouchers and is one of those inexpensive finishing processes that simply make life easier. We can perforate in straight lines or, through use of a special tool, in curves and shapes of your choosing.


Keeping with the simple finishing processes first, we come to guillotining. Our guillotines can accurately and quickly cut whole reams of paper and card in one quick action. They’re even laser guided! So if you need something cut down to a smaller size, just let us know. Guillotining is another very inexpensive process.


Whether it’s permanently gluing tabs during the assembly of cartons, or using removable glue to temporarily hold a business card into a folder, we have many gluing processes available. We can glue multiple sheets of paper along one edge to form pads and we can add peel-off glue strips to items you may later want to seal (bespoke envelopes for example). We can even ‘print’ glue that allows the recipient to fold a document in half and seal the edges together with a little moisture – great when sending documents that need to double as a response form.

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Firstpoint Print Victoria branch

Our Victoria Branch – in the Spotlight

Firstpoint Print Victoria branch

In the third and final post of our 3-part series highlighting individual branches, we go to London’s SW1 to take a closer look at the Victoria branch of Firstpoint Print.

Firstpoint Print Victoria, SW1

The Victoria branch of Firstpoint Print is located on the Vauxhall Bridge Road, being the A202, roughly halfway between Victoria Station and Vauxhall Bridge itself. This means that the commercial printer is perfectly situated to serve individuals, businesses and organisations located nearby in such areas as …

  • Battersea
  • Belgravia
  • Brixton
  • Bond Street
  • Charing Cross
  • Chelsea
  • Embankment
  • Green Park
  • Hyde Park Corner

  • Knightsbridge
  • Lambeth
  • Lancaster Gate
  • Leicester Square
  • Marble Arch
  • Mayfair
  • Nine Elms
  • Oval
  • Piccadilly Circus

  • Pimlico
  • St James’s Park
  • Sloane Square
  • Soho
  • South Kensington
  • Vauxhall
  • Victoria
  • Westminster
  • & Southwest London

As with all Firstpoint Print locations, the Victoria branch is also happy to supply printing services less locally including to customers in the Southeast of England and the UK as a whole. With overnight courier services being so fast and reliable these days, and online ordering available on the Victoria website, the branch can be the commercial printer for pretty much anyone, in any location. More about our online services below …

Firstpoint Print Victoria’s Printing Services

The Victoria branch has just about every printing-related service and facility that you could possibly ever need. We have in-house graphic designers who can cater to all your creative design and artwork requirements. We have digital printing presses ready and waiting for your quick turnaround, low-to-medium volume colour printing, duplication work and ‘on-demand’ printing. We have litho printing facilities that are perfect for single colour, spot colour or full colour medium-to-high volume print runs with the ultimate high quality results. We have large format printing machinery standing by for anything that you require in a large size, whether it’s a simple poster or a full-scale exhibition stand, display, pop-up system or roller banner. Read more

Print management services

Top 10 Reasons To Use A Print Management Service

Print management services

So — what is print management?

Well, basically Print Management means that the organisation, ordering and delivery of your entire printing requirements are taken on by one supplier, who manages the whole process for you. So whether you have a small, occasional requirements for simple stationery items or require a huge array of sales and marketing collateral on a regular basis, it’s all handled for you seamlessly. Print management is, however, of particular benefit to the latter category, for example companies or organisations who need a whole suite of printed literature like brochures, stationery, mailers, leaflets, flyers, forms, catalogues, manuals and so on. Here we’ll take a look at those benefits.

Benefits of having your printing managed:


1). It’s convenient

Sourcing your printing from just one supplier makes life easy! With all your printing needs managed for you, every item of sales, marketing or training collateral is ready and supplied ‘on tap’ as and whenever required. When handled well, there is no reason why you will ever need to run out of a particular printed piece ever again. Using a centrally managed print service means you also never have to wonder who printed what and who has the artwork files — they’ll always be in one place.

2). It saves space

With our print management service there is no need for you to take delivery of thousands upon thousands of printed pieces, until the moment you need them. You can order in smaller batches on an ad hoc basis or get us to set up a regular drip-fed supply, as preferred.

3). It frees up your time

Think of the time you’ll save leaving all the work, worry, organisation, inventory and supply to us. That’s time you can spend doing something else!

4). It saves you money

Because we can potentially manage all your printed matter, we can identify areas where savings are ripe for the picking. We can spot instances where a small technical or size change can save you money or even print more than one job at the same time (so there are less printing plates to pay for) without necessarily needing to take delivery of them all together. So you get the cost savings, without needing to find a home for the stock — until the moment you need it of course!

5). It helps cash-flow

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Printing & graphic design services, London

Our printing & design services; a reminder

Printing & graphic design services, London

In this blog post we thought we’d go back to basics with a reminder of the printing and design services on offer at all the Firstpoint Print branches across London. Learn more about how we can help customers with design and print for sales and marketing collateral, display or exhibition graphics …

We’re printers with 3 branches in London

We’re a London printing company with branches in London Bridge (SE1), Victoria (SW1) and Clerkenwell (EC1). So, wherever you are in London or the South East, we have a branch just a stone’s throw away. We’re friendly, helpful and, more importantly, highly professional with an eye for detail.  We print on time, on budget and our printing quality is exceptional — customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us, after all we want customers to become repeat customers. We own all our own equipment and produce 99.99% of work in-house so our prices are also highly competitive. We like to think of ourselves as a breath of fresh air — but don’t take our word for it; read some of our lovely customer testimonials here.

What types of printing do we offer?

We offer three main types of printing:

  • Litho printing for higher print quantities, ‘spot’ colour work and the highest possible quality;
  • Digital printing for use with low to medium printing quantities and/or when speed is of the essence. It is also ideal when variable data is required (e.g. for a personalised mailing piece), or for ‘print on demand‘ services.

So what can we print?

We can print anything from a business card to a full-sized exhibition or display graphics — and anything in between. Just a few examples are:

  • Labels & stickers
  • Corporate & personal stationery including
    – Business cards
    – Letterheads & continuation sheets
    – Compliment slips
  • Envelopes
  • Forms & NCR sets
  • Leaflets & flyers
  • Post cards
  • Mail shots (including variable data)
  • Newsletters & programmes
  • Brochures & booklets
  • Annual reports
  • Folders
  • Catalogues & manuals
  • Posters
  • Display graphics
  • Point of sale graphics
  • Exhibition graphics including
    – Simple display panels
    – Roller banners
    – Full exhibition displays
    – Pop-up exhibition systems
  • Banners with integral eyelets
  • … and pretty much anything you can think of which features graphics!

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Large format printing for exhibition & display

For maximum impact, think BIG!

Large format printing for exhibition & display

When it comes to print, sometimes size really matters. For example when you have something particularly important to shout about or when an A4, A3 or even A2 print-out simply won’t do. So, what are the options? Here we take a look.

One-off displays

In your store or office you may have lots of space or a large wall area to play with so why not make a big splash using large format printing. Think it’s going to be too expensive? Think again. These days, having the right equipment, as we do at Firstpoint Print, means that you can have one-off displays which are inexpensive yet hugely effective for use at large scales. Despite the size of the printed output, the displays even bear close scrutiny because, when the artwork has been prepared properly, the output is sharp, crisp and rich in both colour and detail. It is also printed in UV-resistant ink so will stand the test of time.

Large format displaysOur large format printing can be used for simple posters, framed graphics, large wall canvasses, free-standing floor displays, suspended signs, point-of-sale information, eye-catching sales messages, special offers or simply high quality graphics, illustrations, photos or designs which will make your office or shop look a million dollars.

Roller banners

Roller bannerOur roller banner systems are perfect when you need to quickly set up a display anywhere, even with limited space and time. Whether it’s for use in an office presentation, a shopping mall or for use at a local trade event, our roller banners take literally seconds to erect (and later collapse) using a neat, integral cartridge system.Roller banner cartridge When collapsed they take up very little space so are easy to store, stack and transport and even come with their own carrying case. Once assembled, our most commonly used roller banner measures just over 2m high by 800mm wide so will form an eye-catching and significant focal point in any situation. Other sizes are, of course, available.
Check out our roller banner artwork guidelines  or download our template guide here (PDF). Alternatively simply give us a call to discuss the options.

Pop-up exhibition display systems

Pop-up exhibition display systemsIf you are exhibiting at a trade show or exhibition, a roller banner may not be large enough as you may have a significant number of square metres to fill with graphics. A simple and re-useable solution is to use one of our large format pop-up exhibition stands. Like the roller banners, they are quick to assemble, and later collapse, and self-store in compact, wheeled cases which are supplied with your order. Many of these even double for use as a counter, with front graphics included. The best thing about pop-up exhibition displays is that they are re-useable so they have a longer shelf-life and higher return on investment. They come in a range of sizes and configurations too, so we can tailor the specification to fit most exhibition situations.

Shell scheme panels or cladding

Exhibition shell scheme panels or claddingA more ‘basic’ option is to fill or (if available) totally clad the standard ‘shell scheme’ panels which are supplied by the trade exhibition organiser. From our point of view this solution is no problem at all however, being tailored to a 3rd party shell scheme means that such panels will be less useful once the exhibition in question is over — unless you are likely to exhibit again using an identical shell scheme. The large panels can be quite cumbersome to store and transport, because they are not collapsible nor rollable. Pop-up and roller banner systems, in contrast (see above), work completely independently of any shell scheme, so can be re-used anywhere, and are also very compact and easily transported once the system has been collapsed and packed away.

Bespoke exhibition stands

Taking things a stage further, another option available for exhibitions is a totally tailor-made stand which is designed from the ground up. Here each element of the final stand is totally bespoke and does not rely on any off-the-shelf pop-up system or shell scheme. So with this option you can end up with an exhibition stand which is totally unique and in any shape and format you desire. You can incorporate shelving and housings for computers or large format TV screens, iPads and so on. You can even make the entire stand resemble an actual shop or other destination — the world is your oyster when it comes to totally bespoke exhibition design. Here, though, you are talking about a significantly larger budget when compared to use of existing systems such as our pop-up solutions. This is because a totally bespoke exhibition stand, built from the ground up without any off-the-shelf components, is likely to require additional expertise such as carpentry and electrics over and above simple graphics, artwork and printing. They also usually take much more setting up at the actual venue. However the pay-off is that they look totally stunning and unique.

Suspended Banners

Large format printing also lends itself to suspended banners, the kind you might see at a local event, draped across a building, boundary fence or even street. These come with Read more

Print on demand

‘Print On Demand’ & its Benefits

Print on demand

Firstly, what exactly is printing on demand?

Well, Print On Demand (‘POD’) refers to the process of ordering and printing only as many copies of an item as are really required for immediate or imminent use. This could be just one copy of the printed piece, or multiple copies. Crucially, however, no significant quantity of extras tend to be ordered for keeping ‘in stock’ when using the print on demand approach. This is quite different to how professional printing worked in the past, and is only economical now because of recent advances in printing technology, as we’ll see.

Historic economies of scale

Before the relatively recent advent of digital presses, commercial presses were mostly of the lithographic (or ‘litho’) variety. Litho printing technology requires separate printing plates (even physical film separations and manual reprographic work until just a few years ago); with one metal printing plate being needed for each additional ink colour. So with litho there was historically quite a bit of set-up and cost involved before the printing even began. Therefore litho printing typically worked out relatively expensive for short run (low quantity) printing and only became significantly cost-effective for medium and longer print runs (this is still generally the case today). Hence people would order, say, 5000 brochures rather than a thousand so each individual copy didn’t cost a fortune — even if they only intended to use a thousand or so initially. The remainder would have to be kept in safe and hopefully dry storage for weeks, months or even years on end and, of course, the initial outlay was significant. This larger quantity was ordered simply to keep the individual ‘unit cost’ down to a sensible level. Of course, in recent times, litho printing has advanced but the same theory remains true in essence, even today.

Digital printing; the game-changer

In contrast to litho, with today’s digital, on-demand, printing you would tend to order only the number of copies you really need right now and this is possible because digital printing does not require the ‘old school’ type set-up; there are no film separations, no manual reprographic work to do and even printing plates are no longer required in many forms of digital printing. So you can hit the ground running with very little up-front set-up or cost. In stark contrast to litho printing, this makes the individual unit cost affordable even for the lowest print quantities.

Benefits of ‘on-demand’ digital printing

These include: Read more

Printing under the magnifying glass

Printing – Under the Magnifying Glass

Printing under the magnifying glass

Have you ever wondered how standard printing manages to replicate so many colours from so few actual inks? With just 4 inks at play (cyan, magenta, yellow and black), it’s staggering when you think about it –  a whole rainbow and more can be rendered while, at the same time, the palest of pale hues are possible despite the original 4 individual inks used in the machine being, on their own, quite punchy and saturated.


The secret is the use of tiny spaced out dots, called ‘tints’. So, for example, the ‘sky blue’ ink called cyan can be printed as anything from a grid of tiny spaced dots to a full solid. The solid will obviously still look like sky blue but the smallest spaced dots at the other end of the scale will end up looking, to the naked eye, like a very pale blue. The printing trade grades these tints as percentages (i.e. a percentage of how ‘solid’ they are) where 100% is solid cyan and 1% is the palest of pale tints.

Tints of process cyan


This process is taken a stage further by overlapping the tints or solids of each of the 4 ‘process’ colours as they’re also known. So a solid magenta (rich pink) overlapping a solid process yellow will result in a primary red being visible to the onlooker. 50% tints of each of those will result in a mid pink, 10% tints of each resulting in a very pale pink and so on. Similarly process yellow overlapped with process cyan will result in various shades of green, depending on the tint value used. It is this type of overlapping of tints, mixed to a much more complex level, which allows the 4 colours to mimic full colour photographs like you see in magazines and in printed brochures.

Photo close-up showing printed dot formation

Black is just black – isn’t it?

Black is just black right? Well, yes and no. Read more