Start Your Valentine’s Day Promotion NOW!

Start your Valentine's Day promotion NOW!

Valentine’s Day will be here shortly so make sure you’re in with a chance of benefiting from the new business that it can bring! There’s not a moment to lose — start preparing your marketing promotions right now — or it’ll be too late.

Restaurants, gift shops, florists and jewellers will be the key beneficiaries at this time as girlfriends, boyfriends, partners, husbands and wives book romantic tables for two and exchange cards, jewellery, gifts and flowers, all in the name of love.

Printed Flyers, Leaflets & Posters

Own a restaurant? Hand out your flyers and leaflets in the high street, or deliver them door to door to promote your Valentine’s Day menus. Before you know it, you’ll be fully booked! Let us know, of course, if you need help getting them designed and printed professionally — that’s what we do best, here at Firstpoint Print, London.

Promotional flyers, postcards, leaflets & postersJewellers and gift shops can do something similar to highlight the gorgeous jewellery, sparkly gifts and cuddly toys that go down so well on the day. Leaflets, flyers and strategically placed posters are a great way to put the spotlight on great gift ideas and any special offers.

Printed Postcards

High gloss or silky-matte postcards depicting beautifully shot products can also fulfil a similar purpose, with panache. Include discounts, voucher codes and special offers to maximise the effect and improve the success of your Valentine’s Day promotion.

Hanging Banners

If you run a restaurant or gastro pub, you will also benefit from displaying a hanging banner, announcing that you’re taking bookings for Valentine’s Day, right outside your venue. They’re quick and easy to display, are sure to catch the eye, and can be used again next year. Firstpoint Print would be delighted to supply them – it’s all part of the large format design and printing service we offer.

Printed Greetings Cards

When it comes to the romantic celebrations, nearly any type of business can see an increase in business if they play their cards right – literally perhaps – and plan ahead. A printed Valentine’s Day card arriving through one’s letterbox on the romantic day itself is sure to be opened and read — unlike most junk mail. So if that card is, in reality, your carefully crafted promotional piece, masquerading as a Valentine’s card, then you’re already ahead of the game and you just got noticed!

Personalised Print

Personalised cards, postcards, brochures and mini catalogues are even better. When you’re addressed by name, it’s even harder to ignore. Here at Firstpoint Print, London, we not only design and print professionally, but we also have the in-house capability to personalise every individual printed item so that it’s unique. Changing the recipient’s name is easy, for example — we just need your database of names along with the artwork file.

Make the Most of Mailing Lists

Ideally, include a response option or form section in your printed items – as a general rule. Then do everything you can to make sure your prospects and visitors confirm their name, address and/or email address. How? Offer the chance of a monthly competition, prize draw, discount, member benefit or bonus of some kind if they do. Then you’ve got yourself a valuable mailing list that you can use in future to mail offers and news to your customers and prospects. Direct mail and the electronic equivalent are gold mines of potential sales when you make the most of them. After all, you already know that your existing customers and visitors are the type of people who are potentially interested in your products and/or services, as they’ve already expressed an interest in some way. It’s well-known in the marketing industry, too, that existing customers/prospects are the easiest and cheapest to ‘convert’ to a future sale. So, they represent the cheapest marketing channel for most businesses. So use reply-paid sections in your printed literature – and easy sign-ups on your website – to encourage your mailing lists to grow. It goes without saying that we’d be happy to help with the artwork and printing, here at Firstpoint Print.

Make No Mistake – Valentine’s Day is Coming – and Soon!

So, whatever you do, don’t forget to plan ahead and start right now. That’s as true for your spouse or partner (if you want to keep out of trouble on the day) as it is for your marketing and promotional well-being. Don’t miss the opportunity — start getting your design and printing together right away and you’ll be in with a winning chance of making the very most from the 14th of February.

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