Drug Analyst bullion box

Some of our recent projects

We’ve been hard at work!

It’s all well and good listing on our website the sort of thing we do, but perhaps the best indication is to demonstrate actual projects so you can see for yourself.  Here are a few examples of recent work which we think shows off a good range of our capabilities.

Gold foil book

Drug Analyst bullion box

This is a very special one: a gold-foil and embossed cover for a special-edition issue of Drug Analyst’s quarterly workbook.  The gold foil was stamped into a leather-bound cover and the whole thing was slipped into a matching sleeve.

Gloss-laminated booklets

Perfect binding booklet

Simple and attractive: a perfect-bound, gloss-laminated BPA Member Guide.

Spot UV varnish

Spot UV varnish business cards 1

Spot UV varnish business cards

Always a winning special finish: spot varnish really stands out and gives both tactile and visual appeal.

Digital embossing

Business card digital emboss

This is a fairly new technology which blends the effects of spot UV and embossing, without the annoying emboss-deboss side-effect where the embossed area is reversed out on the back of the card.  It’s difficult to recreate the effect on screen, but perhaps you’ll get the idea.  This technique gives the visual appeal of spot varnish, reflecting light and changing at various angles, as well as the tactile feel of embossing.  We’ve used this new process on our latest business cards and they look and feel great!


As always, we can handle most projects, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with your questions or to see some samples first hand.