Roll up, roll up!

Roller banners header

Here’s some information specifically about our roller banners.

What are they?

We’ve already (briefly) mentioned roller banners in our post about large-format printing, and they indeed come under that…urr…banner.

Roller banners are essentially tall posters stored in a long base and unrolled to be displayed and supported by the integral pole.



What are they used for?

Roller banners are usually used for events or shows where they’re likely to be used briefly or moved often.  This is because they’re designed to be rolled up and stored in their own base, then carried in the supplied case.  There’s no reason why they can’t be used for a semi-permanent display or in a shop, but they’re designed for mobility and convenience.


  • Great for events and shows
  • Easy to erect and take down
  • Easy to stack and store
  • Just as good for semi-permanent use


A few examples…

Here are some roller banner designs that we have created for people in the past, to give you an idea of the sort of content that can be included.





This is the important bit, as far as we’re concerned.

The width of the SIGMA, which is our most commonly used model, is 800mm.  The VISIBLE height is 2,090mm but the height of the supplied layout needs some explanation:

The top 10-20mm of the banner should be reserved for the gripper at the head of the pole.  Then you should allow about 30-50mm as a ‘safe area’ where there is no important information such as text, to allow a margin for error in trimming and inserting the poster into the roller mechanism.  This safe area should be taken into account all the way around the visible area of the poster.  That’s a good rule for design in general (just adjust the actual amount of safe area according to the size and context of your layout).  Then comes the visible print area, which is 2,090mm high (by 800mm wide).  Remember to allow for your safe area within the bottom of this height.  Then you need to allow 200mm extra below this for the roller mechanism.  Obviously this area won’t be seen, but it still needs to be included.

Here’s a PDF with the specifications displayed.  You can use it as a template, just remember to delete/hide it when you send us the print file!  Roller banner SIGMA TEMPLATE.

Now, we don’t actually need bleed for this artwork, because posters are trimmed by hand and we simply trim into the artwork by a millimetre or so.  HOWEVER, you do need to allow your background colour or photo (if applicable) to ‘bleed’ beyond the visible area to the top and bottom of the layout.  I.e. let it bleed into the extra area you allowed for the mechanism.  Otherwise you may end up with a white ‘gap’ at the top or bottom, which may spoil the design, as this image demonstrates.




  • Total dimensions of supplied artwork: 800×2,300mm
  • Visible area: 800×2,090mm
  • Allow 10mm extra at the top (gripper)
  • Allow 200mm extra at the bottom (roller mechanism)
  • Allow at least 30mm safe area within the visible area



Of course we can do the design for you if necessary, as part of our design service.  Just give us a full brief and your brand colours/specs as appropriate and we’ll work with you to create something eye-catching.



The banners are printed onto a 150gsm matt coated stock with an opaque coating on the back to avoid shine-through and increase contrast.

If looked after, the banner will last a long time, but we apply a sealant coating to the banner to further improve durability.

The banner is then trimmed by hand and the roller mechanism assembled, and the two are put together and collapsed into the carry case, ready to be used.

In case you need to disassemble or repair a banner for any reason, here’s a link to the instructions: SIGMA roller banner instructions.