Promoting your business

Promoting Your Business

By ‘promoting your business’, we’re not limiting the reference to companies – we mean ‘busy-ness’ in the literal sense.  Sure, you may be a multinational, blue-chip company or you may be a quirky artist raising exposure for their work; you may even be a not-for-profit charity.  Whatever your business, it will only increase if it is exposed to the people to whom it is relevant.  There are limitless ways to do this, but it is often best to start with a few tried-and-tested methods.

At Firstpoint we can help you to get your business activities out in the open.



This is where it all starts.  A recognisable brand is essential if you want to become or remain successful.  Whatever you do, there will be competitors – there are very few niches left!  New customers will be attracted to a well-designed logo and brand, and they will be seriously put off by a bad one.  Equally, people who have dealt with you before need something to remember and become fond of – this is how customer loyalty works.  Conversely, of course, bad experiences with your brand will be hard to wipe from customers’ minds and will be forever associated with your precious brand – so make sure your service backs up your fantastic new logo…of course, that ball’s firmly in your court!

We can just design you a logo or we can provide a full branding service, with a logo, colour scheme, consistent graphics, etc., throughout your company’s visible materials.


Once your brand is designed and implemented, it needs to be visibly set free in the marketplace.  We provide a full graphic design service and we can design marketing material for you and help you to get it out there where it can be seen.  There are myriad options for marketing your business but we can help you with most of them…


The oldest and simplest method for marketing your business, beside word of mouth, is printed material such as brochures.

Whether we are designing your marketing or just printing it, we can produce:

  • Brochures
  • Leaflets
  • Flyers
  • Postcards
  • Posters
  • Roller Banners
  • Mailmerging
  • …and more


Unless it is extremely niche or area-specific, it is unlikely that a new (or existing) business will succeed without at least some online exposure.  There are three primary approaches to online marketing, and it’s up to you to decide which (if not all) to use.

Website – this is most business’ base of operations, at least as far as the customer is concerned.  Most of them won’t ever see your shopfront or your warehouse operations…what they see is your website.  It needs to be smart and it needs to work.  We use the extremely popular WordPress platform to ensure that the machinery of the site works reliably and we’re able to easily customise the site to your brand.  Keep your website fresh with new content to keep search engines happy and your site at the top – the easiest way to do this is by blogging/posting information and messages on your site.  You also have the option of paying for Google Adwords, which promotes your site to the top of the list for predefined search terms.

eShots – or HTML email, allows you to target your intended customers with specific information or ideas according to whatever promotion you’re currently running or according to the season.  Start building up a database of email addresses as soon as possible and maintain them on a managed system such as MailChimp.  This allows you to conform to the global regulations concerning unsolicited marketing.  We can design the actual eshot.  It’s not simple and is essentially a basic webpage, coding and all.

Social Media – there’s no getting away from it, social media isn’t just about someone’s cat doing something cute.  Big businesses are doing big business these days purely on platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.  These networks offer massive exposure for a business for comparatively little user input and expense.  All three offer paid options to increase your exposure within your target market.