Printing for Cafés, Pubs & Restaurants in London

Printing for cafés, restaurants and pubs

Londoners are spoilt for choice when it comes to places to eat and drink. It’s fair to say that just about every possible taste is covered. From fast food to fine dining, London has cafés, pizzerias, burger bars, coffee houses, pubs, Italian restaurants, Greek, Indian, Chinese, Turkish, French and – well, food and drink from probably every culture and continent you can think of. This post is for anyone running such an establishment.

You’re going to need some printing, not least some printed menus for your customers. You may require ‘table talkers’ or other marketing collateral for your tables. You might need posters to showcase special offers. Perhaps you run a loyalty scheme for customers and need some loyalty cards to hand out and to get those customers coming back for more. Or maybe you need gift vouchers or money-off vouchers, marketing leaflets to hand out in the locality or eye-catching banners, posters and signs. Last but not least, each of your waiting staff will need a multi-copy order pad to take those orders.

Printing & Design

The good news is that Firstpoint Print can supply not only printing and production of all of these items, but also top-notch graphics and design should you need them. We can design something in keeping with an existing brand or style, or something completely new. Either way, we’ll make it look enticing and attractive for you and your customers.

Printed Menus

Your menus are an incredibly important item, so it’s important to get them right. We can supply them in many different ways. Whether you require printed sheets to slide into a traditional style menu book with internal plastic sleeves, free-standing matt laminated folded menus, gloss encapsulated menus that will be a breeze to wipe clean — or some other approach, we can print and produce them for you. With digital printing in-house at every branch, low volume printing of this nature is both economical and fast.

Restaurant table talkerPrinted Table-Talkers

When you have a special offer or perhaps a new item on the menu, table-talkers are a great way to draw attention to them and get those orders rolling in. Typically 2, 3 or 4-sided, these cardboard messengers sit there right on the customer table, in full view to everyone on the table, for maximum attention. They’re quick and easy to produce and are relatively inexpensive.

Multi-Part NCR Order Pads

We can print your waiting staff’s order pads as ‘NCR’ (No Carbon Required) sets which allow you to have multiple copies of each order taken at the tables (one copy for the kitchen, one for the waiter or waitress and so on).

Printed Posters and Signs

Displaying printed wall posters and hanging signs in your establishment is another great way to draw attention to your special offer, new menu, seasonal events and marketing messages. They work tirelessly to bring your sales message to your customers even when your customers are not being attended to in person.

Hanging banners

These are great way to draw attention to things like the launch of a new branch, refurbishment of an old one or simply to encourage people to take notice of a special event or seasonal offer (for example, ‘Bookings now being taken for Christmas!’). They can even be used as a simple and temporary backdrop when your staff are out promoting your food or drink close to your establishment.

Leaflets, Flyers and Vouchers

If you do send people onto the street to publicise your establishment, you’ll also benefit from printed leaflets and flyers. Perhaps they could include a tear-off discount voucher of some kind too, to really get those customers fired up to come in. Again, this is just the type of thing we can design, print and produce here at Firstpoint Print.

Loyalty Cards

One sure-fire way to keep customers coming back for more is to offer them a loyalty card. Whether it’s a simple card that you stamp each time they order, or something that you leave on the tables for them to get a discount on their next visit, Firstpoint Print would be delighted to design and print for you.

Printed takeaway collateralTakeaway Branding

If you run a takeaway service, you’ll need branded bags and perhaps printed cartons and boxes, takeaway menus, stickers and more so that your establishment’s brand gets extra exposure, on the move. Once again, it’s no problem at Firstpoint Print.

With three branches in London, your closest branch is probably not far away. We have branches in Clerkenwell, London Bridge and Victoria and have a great mixture of in-house facilities including digital printing, litho printing, large format printing plus a graphic design and artwork service for those who require it. For more information, click the links below or contact your nearest branch:

For printing in London Bridge:
Contact the SE1 branch on 020 7378 6754 – or contact us here.

For printing in Clerkenwell:
Contact the EC1 branch on 020 7490 7588 – or contact us here.

For printing in Victoria:
Contact the SW1 branch on 020 7828 0515 – or contact us here.