Create a Great Impression with Printed Stationery

Printed stationery - letterheads, compliments slips, business cards and continuation sheets

Printed stationery is a basic yet incredibly important ingredient for any successful corporate identity. It’s also what clients and prospects often see at an early stage, so it needs to be well designed, well printed and well presented. It’s no good having a great design and second rate printing — and vice-versa. It’s also a missed opportunity if you get those two factors right but then serve it all up to your customer in a cheap-looking, incompatible envelope.

Create a great first impression

It’s important to get the detail right because first impressions really count. When you present something visually attractive in a highly professional way, it rubs off on you directly – you will automatically look more professional too, straight off the bat. So make sure letterheads look great, compliments slips and business cards follow suit and take the trouble to include printed continuation sheets in your suite of stationery. It shows care and attention to detail and is another easy way to remind the recipient of your brand.

Tip: also consider the reverse side of your stationery. All too often this is left blank but sometimes, for example, flooding a colour across the entire back of your letterhead, compliments slip or business card can look a million dollars, particularly if your logo is ‘ghosted’ into the flat colour somehow. This works particularly well with modern designs and helps to create something a little more unusual, to make you and your company or organisation more memorable. It also reinforces your brand recognition.

Choose your paper wisely

Consider not only the very best logo, colours and design (we can help with that), but also the paper you use for your printed stationery. There are thousands of different stationery papers on the market so it makes sense to take a little time to select the very best type for your particular stationery. Perhaps you want a crisp, modern look in which case an ultra-flat diamond white paper might work well for your letterheads and compliments slips. Or perhaps you want something more textured, in which case you could consider an ‘onion skin’ texture, a paper that has a texture like watercolour paper, or a more traditional ‘laid’ (striped) paper. Alternatively, maybe you are looking for a more rustic feel in which case you could consider one of the many recycled papers and/or those with more ‘earthy’ colour tints – even natural kraft perhaps, as this is enjoying a bit of a renaissance of late. Whatever you choose, however, make sure you also use a matching card stock for your business cards — ideally it all needs to match. If in doubt, we’re happy to advise and can also supply samples.

Colours & inks

At Firstpoint Print we’re lucky to be able to supply both digital and litho printed stationery to our customers. This means you can have any colour scheme you like including anything from one single colour to full colour (perhaps with coloured photographs) and/or spot colours (for those ultra-saturated colours) — and, indeed, anything in between. Spot colours will help you to get the very best colour matching possible, and even to print metallic ink, fluorescents or more standard, but super-saturated, colours. That’s only possible with our litho printing service but our digital printing machines can handle everything else. Our mixture of both litho and digital printing machines also means that you can benefit from the most economical pricing, because different volumes of printing are suited to different machine set-ups, so we’re very flexible, in every way.

Considerations for business cards

While letterheads and compliments slips aren’t usually laminated (it would make printing and writing on them tricky), business cards often are. Adding gloss lamination to your business card really ‘lifts’ your printed imagery, while matt lamination is more subtle and gives them a lovely feel of quality, although in a more muted way. We have also recently started to offer ‘soft touch’ lamination and, as the name suggests, this gives business cards a lovely soft feel, which often results in customers and prospects remarking on the cards on receipt (it comes back to creating a great first impression again). Lamination also, of course, protects your business cards. This is an important consideration as you will usually want the recipient to keep your card for the long term. (Learn more about lamination, encapsulation and varnish here).


A great set of stationery can be ruined by a poorly chosen envelope. Such a scenario could easily undo all the good work put into the design and printing of the stationery, so would be a great shame. Most of the popular paper merchants supply matching envelopes for each of their stationery papers — so it makes real sense to pick the envelope in a paper stock that matches the stationery precisely — or at the very least complements it well.

Even better would be to overprint the envelopes with your logo — possibly even your corporate message or strapline too, although care needs to be taken not to make it look too ‘salesy’. Often a fairly small logo in a corner on the front, or on the envelope flap at the back, is enough — a simple reminder of your brand, all helping to reinforce brand recognition amongst your clients and prospects. And this is all possible at Firstpoint Print. (Learn more about envelope options here).

Firstpoint Print makes stationery easy!

At Firstpoint Print we have everything needed to make your printed stationery a resounding success. With gifted designers and printers in-house, we can transform your corporate stationery and make it exceptional.

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