Postcards: the Chameleon of Marketing

Printed postcards - the chameleon of marketing


In our latest post, we put the spotlight on the humble postcard and its incredible potential as a marketing tool. Why does it have so much potential?  Well, because it’s so adaptable and can be used in many different ways, for a whole host of marketing purposes. Postcards are also incredibly cost-effective and, as such, punch well above their weight as a sales and marketing tool.

An alternative to business cards

Postcards can obviously be used as standard post cards but let’s first consider their use as an alternative, or perhaps sidekick, to a business card. Right away their larger size lends extra impact, more detail and the ability to add a headline and some marketing copy. Try all that on a standard business card and you’ll soon see why we suggest a postcard as an alternative. So next time you are in a situation where you’d normally hand out your business card, consider handing out a well designed and well printed postcard too. It would be a great talking point — and that’s another great benefit.

An alternative to leaflets

Consider them too as a possible replacement for a leaflet. Their extra thickness alone gives them more gravitas than a thin leaflet while still allowing plenty of room for your sales message, contact details, product information and perhaps an offer of some kind. Compared to a standard leaflet, there’s something simply more precious, in the best sense of the word, about a postcard. So, people are simply more likely to keep hold of a glossy, attractive postcard than they are a standard leaflet.


Postcards also make excellent handouts and give-aways at events. With the ability to be able to laminate them and perhaps even spot UV varnish them, when well designed they can leave a first impression that’s every bit as good as a posh brochure yet all distilled into a simple, compact, straight forward, instantly readable communication.

Another great application of a postcard is, of course … for postcards! When produced with flair, they can look a million dollars despite being simple and inexpensive to produce. While one side can perhaps be all about your product or service – ideally with great photography and design – the other side can include room for your prospect’s contact details and reply-paid postage, so that the prospect can send it back to you to register their interest. What a simple way to generate qualified enquiries — postcards are a great way to capture leads, despite being very inexpensive.

Other uses of postcards

We’ve highlighted just a few different uses for the humble postcard, but there are many others, including:

  • For seasonal marketing opportunities e.g. send a ‘Halloween’ or ‘Easter’ postcard to catch attention for your special offer at strategic times of the year.
  • Black Friday promotional cards to highlight your special offers.
  • Do you run a venue, hotel, B&B, entertainment venue, store or shop? Consider postcards as takeaway souvenirs (great as reminders for visitors, guests and their families and friends).
  • A great alternative for wedding invitations or save the date cards.
  • Loyalty cards.
  • Birthday and party invitations.
  • Invitations for university private views and end of year shows.
  • ‘Thank You’ cards.
  • Family photographs.
  • Gift vouchers.
  • A simple Christmas card alternative.
  • And, of course, any product or service promotion.

Economies of scale

Printing multiple versions of postcardsAnother great thing about postcards is that they are small enough for your commercial printer to print more than one version of them at the same time. This is known in the printing trade as ‘ganging up’ and it saves both money and, potentially, wastage. It’s a great way to feature multiple products individually. You could, perhaps, print four, eight or more different versions, all at the same time, so each version really focuses on just one product or service. Doing so gives you economies of scale and excellent flexibility whilst retaining that focus on individual products or services. Perhaps at that trade show, or in your showroom or reception, you want to leave a few lying around for prospects. With several versions on offer, they’re sure to choose their favourite and that’s a great reminder to them of your excellent product or service, in this case featuring the very one they’ve already short-listed from all the available options.

If ganging up, commercial printers like Firstpoint Print can even do a neat little trick called ‘work and turn‘ or ‘work and tumble‘ which, without going into the technicalities, will save you money by reducing the number of printing plates required if printing via the litho printing process. It’s not the same when digitally printing but, for larger print quantities via litho, this trick really saves money.

Thoughts on Postcard Size

If you want to really make the most of your money, think about optimising the size of your postcards. If you choose an A6 size, for example, it means you can print 4 postcards per A4 (or ‘SRA4’) sheet. Or if you need something more ‘wide format’ consider a ‘DL’ size, which is printer speak for one-third A4. Such wide proportions might even allow you to include a perforated tear-off section for those all-important leads and feedback. If you’re looking for something a little larger, then A5 will give you something punchy and substantial, to really showcase your product or service. Even at A5, though, you can still gang up at printing stage, with 2 A5 postcards per A4 or SRA4 sheet, or twice that if printing to A3 or SRA3.

Printed postcards in London

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