Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Find the Easter egg to win!



We’re hiding cards with Easter eggs printed on them in random clients’ packages.  If you find one, get in touch to find out what you’ve won.

It’s time to remind you to get your print projects in so they can be ready for Easter.  If you’re planning an Easter campaign or just an Easter postcard for your clients, you have a week to get them out.  That means giving us the artwork or the brief at the beginning of next week (Monday 14th).

We can take care of practically any print job you throw at us, but the most relevant in this case would be things like…

even HTML eShots…
wishing your customers a happy Easter (much as we are now)

Don’t forget that if you want something really fancy, such as embossing or spot UV, we really would need the artwork at the beginning of the week, as these special finishes take longer to produce.

Remember the basics!  PDFs with CMYK artwork, 3mm bleed and crop marks.  If it’s an InDesign file we need it ‘packaged’ with the fonts and images.


If it’s too late for an Easter campaign or it’s just not relevant to you, give Spring a thought.  It’s a time for fresh growth, so why not apply that to your business!  More to follow soon…