For maximum impact, think BIG!

Large format printing for exhibition & display

When it comes to print, sometimes size really matters. For example when you have something particularly important to shout about or when an A4, A3 or even A2 print-out simply won’t do. So, what are the options? Here we take a look.

One-off displays

In your store or office you may have lots of space or a large wall area to play with so why not make a big splash using large format printing. Think it’s going to be too expensive? Think again. These days, having the right equipment, as we do at Firstpoint Print, means that you can have one-off displays which are inexpensive yet hugely effective for use at large scales. Despite the size of the printed output, the displays even bear close scrutiny because, when the artwork has been prepared properly, the output is sharp, crisp and rich in both colour and detail. It is also printed in UV-resistant ink so will stand the test of time.

Large format displaysOur large format printing can be used for simple posters, framed graphics, large wall canvasses, free-standing floor displays, suspended signs, point-of-sale information, eye-catching sales messages, special offers or simply high quality graphics, illustrations, photos or designs which will make your office or shop look a million dollars.

Roller banners

Roller bannerOur roller banner systems are perfect when you need to quickly set up a display anywhere, even with limited space and time. Whether it’s for use in an office presentation, a shopping mall or for use at a local trade event, our roller banners take literally seconds to erect (and later collapse) using a neat, integral cartridge system.Roller banner cartridge When collapsed they take up very little space so are easy to store, stack and transport and even come with their own carrying case. Once assembled, our most commonly used roller banner measures just over 2m high by 800mm wide so will form an eye-catching and significant focal point in any situation. Other sizes are, of course, available.
Check out our roller banner artwork guidelines  or download our template guide here (PDF). Alternatively simply give us a call to discuss the options.

Pop-up exhibition display systems

Pop-up exhibition display systemsIf you are exhibiting at a trade show or exhibition, a roller banner may not be large enough as you may have a significant number of square metres to fill with graphics. A simple and re-useable solution is to use one of our large format pop-up exhibition stands. Like the roller banners, they are quick to assemble, and later collapse, and self-store in compact, wheeled cases which are supplied with your order. Many of these even double for use as a counter, with front graphics included. The best thing about pop-up exhibition displays is that they are re-useable so they have a longer shelf-life and higher return on investment. They come in a range of sizes and configurations too, so we can tailor the specification to fit most exhibition situations.

Shell scheme panels or cladding

Exhibition shell scheme panels or claddingA more ‘basic’ option is to fill or (if available) totally clad the standard ‘shell scheme’ panels which are supplied by the trade exhibition organiser. From our point of view this solution is no problem at all however, being tailored to a 3rd party shell scheme means that such panels will be less useful once the exhibition in question is over — unless you are likely to exhibit again using an identical shell scheme. The large panels can be quite cumbersome to store and transport, because they are not collapsible nor rollable. Pop-up and roller banner systems, in contrast (see above), work completely independently of any shell scheme, so can be re-used anywhere, and are also very compact and easily transported once the system has been collapsed and packed away.

Bespoke exhibition stands

Taking things a stage further, another option available for exhibitions is a totally tailor-made stand which is designed from the ground up. Here each element of the final stand is totally bespoke and does not rely on any off-the-shelf pop-up system or shell scheme. So with this option you can end up with an exhibition stand which is totally unique and in any shape and format you desire. You can incorporate shelving and housings for computers or large format TV screens, iPads and so on. You can even make the entire stand resemble an actual shop or other destination — the world is your oyster when it comes to totally bespoke exhibition design. Here, though, you are talking about a significantly larger budget when compared to use of existing systems such as our pop-up solutions. This is because a totally bespoke exhibition stand, built from the ground up without any off-the-shelf components, is likely to require additional expertise such as carpentry and electrics over and above simple graphics, artwork and printing. They also usually take much more setting up at the actual venue. However the pay-off is that they look totally stunning and unique.

Suspended Banners

Large format printing also lends itself to suspended banners, the kind you might see at a local event, draped across a building, boundary fence or even street. These come with eyelets along the edges and are usually printed on weatherproof canvas. They are surprisingly inexpensive so let us know if you ever need something like this.

Design & artwork

So long as you supply in the right format and specification (ask us for details), we can print from your own supplied artwork. However we have in-house designers who would be delighted to supply bespoke and eye-catching designs and finished artwork for your large format display or exhibition work. This may well prove easier for you as we have all the right software, specifications and, most importantly, know-how so as to produce the optimum job for you, whatever your budget and requirement.

Contact us at your nearest Firstpoint Print branch for an informal chat, or printing quotation, without obligation. We’d be delighted to help and have branches in Victoria SW1, London Bridge SE1 and Clerkenwell EC1.