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You’ve spent money having your flashy, impressive marketing material designed and printed; you have a valuable tender to win next week; you simply need some coffee-table presentations for your waiting room.  One simple solution to all of these is to use folders.


The options

There are, of course, myriad types, from simple card folders to expensive, hinged metal portfolios.  We can supply virtually any type of folder you may need but the type we tend to focus on the former.  The main reasons for this are simple:

  • Low cost
  • Quick turnaround
  • Alterable
  • Recyclable
  • Easy to make bespoke sizes



There are, of course, standard sizes of folder which are intended to accommodate sizes of documents, the most common of which is A4.  The folder for A4 is usually a little larger than A4 in order to protect the paper inside and to allow for more than a few sheets.  We can produce folders to accommodate any standard size you may require.



‘Capacity’ refers to the folder’s ability to accommodate more than a few sheets of paper without bulging or straining.  Capacity is afforded by the addition of a spine to the folder.  There are various templates with a range of capacities to suit most purposes.  Common values are 5mm and 10mm, for example.



Obviously one style of folder won’t suit all purposes, so there are many templates.  We have included a fairly comprehensive selection at the end of this post, just to give you some inspiration.  Most formats with a pocket will serve to hold documents securely so the primary concern is really the suitability for the design of your brand and marketing.  One format may suit your graphics or printed information better than another.

Another aspect to consider is the provision of slits to hold a business card.


To simplify…

The three factors/criteria above are exemplified by this template (template 034):


It shows an oversized A4 format (in this case folded to 218x304mm), 5mm capacity, a bottom-oriented document pouch and a set of business card slots.


The basic model

The pre-formatted and pre-cut templates are impressive and sturdy, but they do require that a reasonable minimum quantity be ordered.  There is an alternative, which is very simple to produce and can be ordered in small quantities.  It consists of printing onto a standard SRA3 sheet, creasing and folding it, then sticking a document pouch into the inside.  There are only two disadvantages: the glued attachment doesn’t look as slick as the one-piece, folded template; the stick-in pouch can’t be printed on, though the rest of the folder can (either side, or both).


Either way, as always, give us a call or email us to discuss exactly what you need to achieve and to what budget.

47427 CLS folder PROOF 53107 Frank Buttle Trust folder PROOF 53628 Home from Home folder PROOF 54292 MedicoLegal folder PROOF London Projects folder PROOF

Before the range of templates, here are a few folder artwork designs we’ve created for various clients…

…and here are the template ideas:

Folder 001 Folder 003 Folder 004 Folder 005 MK Pinnacle Folder 009 Folder 010 Folder 11 Folder 014 Folder 015 Folder 017 Folder 018 Folder 020 Folder 021 Folder 024 Folder 027 Folder 031 Folder 032 Folder 035 Folder 037 Folder 038 Folder 040 Folder 058 Folder 071 Folder 072 MK61230 [Converted] Folder 074 Folder 078 MK62914