Your one-stop print shop

Your One-Stop Print Shop

Your one-stop print shop

Sometimes as a businesses, organisation or individual, you need something simple printed, like a business card. Another time you might need some brochures or flyers produced. A month or two later you might need a roller banner or some display panels printed for an exhibition. Or a newsletter or catalogue professionally designed and produced. But who do you go to for all of these different types of printing and the associated design and artwork for each – a different supplier each time?

The good news is that Firstpoint Print can do it all! And they can do it all in-house. So prices are kept extremely competitive and both speed and quality control are optimised.

We are, quite simply, a one-stop print shop and can pretty much produce any printed article that you can to think of, all in-house. And, as a group of several London branches all operating under the same Firstpoint Print umbrella, we have even more resources to pull in, should we need them. So customers receive a very economical and flexible print and design solution.

We are graphic designers

If you need the help of graphic designers to make your printed sales and marketing collateral look a million dollars, we have a team ready and waiting. They’re experienced, qualified and expert in preparing design and artwork ready for printing, so that your sales or marketing message is delivered in the very best possible way.

If you have your own design and artwork capability, that’s no problem either. We can accept your artwork or finalise it for you if it simply needs a final check-over.

We are digital printers

We have state-of-the-art digital printing facilities in-house, ready to turn around your printed items in no time at all, to an excellent standard of quality. Digital printing is available in black and white or full colour (“CMYK”). Our digital printing service is ideally suited to fast turnaround, low-to-medium quantities. But, if you need larger volumes, that’s not a problem; read on …

We are litho printers

The Firstpoint Print Group also has lithographic (‘litho’) printing, in-house. This represents the ultimate in print quality and is suited to higher volume printing, where the economies of scale can really bring down unit costs, as well as being suited to ‘spot colour’ printing for when Pantone-accurate spot colour work is essential (spot colour can, for example, allow the printing of metallic colours and more saturated or even fluorescent inks, which are simply not possible with digital printing).

We are large format printers

Each of the Firstpoint Print London branches also has in-house large format printing facilities. These are perfect for when you need something way bigger than a brochure or some stationery. Our large format printing service can produce anything from posters to roller banners and even large-scale exhibition displays, stand backdrops and pop-up exhibition systems.

We offer a full print management service

Taking things a stage further, we even offer a full print management service. So if you don’t have the time or inclination to organise your design and print, we can take it all on for you. Read more

30 Great Printing Resources (part 2)

30 Great Printing Resources (Part 2)

30 Great Printing Resources (part 2)

Yet More Tips, Tricks & Technical Guides for Getting the Very Best Out of Your Print

Here we continue where we left off in the last post, with the second half of our library of extremely useful print-related resources. These further tips, tricks and technical guides cover things like envelopes, paper sizes, foil blocking, raised print in all its forms, folders, roller banners, variable data printing and why you should use it — and much more. Follow the guides to ensure that you get the very best return on the investment you have made into your printing.

16. Folders

Printed folders come in many shapes and sizes and demonstrate various levels of complexity. Whether used to hold a simple business card or several internal brochures and more, there can often be more to folders than meets the eye. Here’s a handy guide to what’s possible.

17. How to Print Economically

Make the most of your design and printing budget with our handy guide to keeping a lid on printing costs. Here’s how …

18. Roller Banners

Our guide to roller banners – what they are, what they can be used for, sizes, artwork specifications and some examples. Learn more here.

19. Raised Print

If you’d like to add a new dimension to your printing and print something in relief, here’s a handy guide showing how to make your printing stand out.

20. Fonts

Our guide to using fonts in your artwork, including ways to make sure what you design is what you end up printing. Embedding fonts, outlining fonts and more, right here.

21. Printing – Under the Magnifying Glass

Printing under the magnifying glass: our close-up guide to using tints, mixing inks or tints, use of black(s), dot formations and how these differ between litho, digital and large format printing processes. Learn more in this guide.

22. Paper for Printing — A Beginner’s Guide

A beginner’s guide to paper for printing, whether coated, uncoated, recycled, textured or something else. Read our guide here.

23. UK Paper Sizes — A Handy Reference

UK paper sizes – a handy reference. Includes the ISO series of sizes including A sizes (‘A4’ etc.), B, C, D, RA and SRA sizes plus many more. It also includes a few other useful facts that may surprise you. Here’s the guide.

24. Variable Data Printing: for Personalised Print

Variable data and its use in truly personalised printing. Learn all about it here.

25. ‘Print on Demand’ & its Benefits

‘Print on Demand’ – what it is, it’s key benefits, how you can use it to your advantage and where you can get it. Here’s the guide.

26. Everything You’ll Ever Need to Know about Envelopes

Envelopes – our handy guide telling you Read more

Firstpoint Print Victoria branch

Our Victoria Branch – in the Spotlight

Firstpoint Print Victoria branch

In the third and final post of our 3-part series highlighting individual branches, we go to London’s SW1 to take a closer look at the Victoria branch of Firstpoint Print.

Firstpoint Print Victoria, SW1

The Victoria branch of Firstpoint Print is located on the Vauxhall Bridge Road, being the A202, roughly halfway between Victoria Station and Vauxhall Bridge itself. This means that the commercial printer is perfectly situated to serve individuals, businesses and organisations located nearby in such areas as …

  • Battersea
  • Belgravia
  • Brixton
  • Bond Street
  • Charing Cross
  • Chelsea
  • Embankment
  • Green Park
  • Hyde Park Corner

  • Knightsbridge
  • Lambeth
  • Lancaster Gate
  • Leicester Square
  • Marble Arch
  • Mayfair
  • Nine Elms
  • Oval
  • Piccadilly Circus

  • Pimlico
  • St James’s Park
  • Sloane Square
  • Soho
  • South Kensington
  • Vauxhall
  • Victoria
  • Westminster
  • & Southwest London

As with all Firstpoint Print locations, the Victoria branch is also happy to supply printing services less locally including to customers in the Southeast of England and the UK as a whole. With overnight courier services being so fast and reliable these days, and online ordering available on the Victoria website, the branch can be the commercial printer for pretty much anyone, in any location. More about our online services below …

Firstpoint Print Victoria’s Printing Services

The Victoria branch has just about every printing-related service and facility that you could possibly ever need. We have in-house graphic designers who can cater to all your creative design and artwork requirements. We have digital printing presses ready and waiting for your quick turnaround, low-to-medium volume colour printing, duplication work and ‘on-demand’ printing. We have litho printing facilities that are perfect for single colour, spot colour or full colour medium-to-high volume print runs with the ultimate high quality results. We have large format printing machinery standing by for anything that you require in a large size, whether it’s a simple poster or a full-scale exhibition stand, display, pop-up system or roller banner. Read more

London Bridge branch of Firstpoint Print, SE1

Our London Bridge Branch – in the spotlight

London Bridge branch of Firstpoint Print, SE1

In this, the second of our 3-part series of blog posts about individual branches, we focus on our London Bridge branch.

Firstpoint Print London Bridge, SE1

The London Bridge branch of Firstpoint Print is situated just off the A2 and A2198 at 27 Tabard Street, London SE1 4LA so is very close to both Borough and London Bridge stations. The commercial printer is therefore ideally located for businesses and organisations that are looking for a professional printing service in and around the following locations:

  • London Bridge
  • Bankside
  • Borough
  • Bermondsey
  • Elephant & Castle
  • Waterloo
  • Southwark
  • Brixton

  • Camberwell
  • Canada Water
  • Denmark Hill
  • Dulwich
  • Herne Hill
  • Kennington
  • Lambeth
  • Mansion House

  • Monument
  • Newington
  • Oval
  • Peckham
  • Streatham
  • Surrey Quays
  • Vauxhall
  • South London

The branch is also happy to supply printing to the South East generally, and Nationwide, via overnight couriers. In fact, Firstpoint Print London Bridge is accessible as a printer to anyone, anywhere, because artwork can be uploaded to their online system from anywhere with an internet connection. The same is true if you need to upload a brief to get a printing quotation. So, wherever you are, Firstpoint Print London Bridge has your printing needs totally covered and quotations are usually with clients in no more than 24 hours from initial enquiry.

What printing-related services are available?

Firstpoint Print London Bridge can supply printed sales and marketing collateral from concept to production as they have all the necessary services available in-house. These include:

  • A design and artwork service using our talented, qualified, in-house creative team that can make your job look a million dollars and stand out from the crowd. (We also accept client-generated design and artwork, of course).
  • Litho printing which is simply the best quality money can buy. Lithographic printing is suited to spot colour jobs, full colour (CMYK) jobs, larger volume print runs and anything that simply needs to look its absolute best. With regard to size, the London Bridge branch handles anything up to B1 in size (707mm x 1000mm).
  • Digital printing which is fast, inexpensive and convenient, particularly for low-to-medium printing quantities and those jobs that do not exceed SRA3 in size.
  • Our digital printing service also doubles as a copying, scanning and duplication service.
  • Large format printing which is a service suited to the production of larger printed graphics such as posters, in-store and point-of-sale displays, banners (including roller banners), exhibition panels, pop-up systems and signage.
  • A full print management service which does what it says on the tin, i.e. we organise and supply all of your printing for you so that you always have enough in stock, but not so much that you have boxes and boxes everywhere, taking up valuable office space. The printing management service allows you to get on with other tasks while we take care of what we do best, i.e. design, artwork and printing.

Read more

Firstpoint print clerkenwell EC1 branch

Our Clerkenwell Branch – in the Spotlight

Firstpoint print clerkenwell EC1 branch

Beginning this month we thought we’d put the spotlight on each of the individual branches of Firstpoint Print. First, we’ll take a look at our Clerkenwell branch.

Firstpoint Print Clerkenwell, EC1

Our Clerkenwell branch is based in St. John’s Lane, in London’s EC1 region. This is conveniently situated just a few minutes’ walk from both Farringdon and Barbican stations. As such, this professional printer is within very close reach of local businesses and organisations in any of the following areas:

  • Angel
  • Bank
  • Barbican
  • Blackfriars
  • Clerkenwell
  • Covent Garden
  • Euston
  • Farringdon

  • Finsbury
  • Fitzrovia
  • Holborn
  • King’s Cross
  • Leicester Square
  • Mansion House
  • Monument
  • Moorgate

  • Old Street
  • Pentonville
  • Russell Square
  • St Pancras
  • Shoreditch
  • Temple
  • The City
  • Whitechapel

So, if you require printing and design work and are in one of those locations, our Firstpoint Print Clerkenwell branch will be a very convenient choice.

For those further away, the Clerkenwell branch also has online facilities which allow artwork files, briefs and quotation requests to be uploaded easily and quickly. Moreover, the EC1 facilities include an entirely online web-to-print facility which allows customers to prepare, save and edit their own design and artwork then simply click a button to send it to print. Firstpoint Print Clerkenwell then takes care of the rest and customers will have a quotation, proof or finished job with them in no time at all.

What can Firstpoint Print Clerkenwell supply?

Like all the Firstpoint Print branches, the Clerkenwell branch has an in-house creative and technical team so can produce graphic design and artwork should customers not be supplying their own. Once we have artwork we can supply a digitally printed proof for approval and sign-off prior to committing to a full print run. We can then produce the final printing whether it’s to be lithographically printeddigitally printed or printed on our large format printing presses. Like other branches, Clerkenwell also offers a full print management service as well as its innovative web-to-print service that we described above. With all these services available in-house, customers of Firstpoint Print Clerkenwell benefit from the very best mix of high quality, unbeatable speed and extremely competitive pricing. Read more

Printing terms & jargon - explained

Printing Terms & Jargon – Explained

Printing terms & jargon - explained

It’s sometimes easy for printers to forget that not everyone will understand some of the common terms and jargon that is spoken within the industry. For example, printers may refer to ‘process printing’, ‘CMYK’, ‘bleed’ or even ‘trapping’. But what do each of these actually mean? Here we explain …

Above the fold
This refers to the part of a document which you first see, for instance the top half of a document or, for websites, the part of a web page which you see without having to scroll down vertically.

Accordion fold
A way of folding a document or brochure so that it concertinas open/closed.

.ai file
An Adobe Illustrator file type (usually used for vector graphics like logos, charts or illustrations).

The letter &, meaning ‘and’.

Art paper
This is a type of paper, commonly used in commercial printing, which has a coating of a clay-based compound, to give it a very smooth surface on which the printer’s ink will sit without absorption. This usually results in the best type of printed result (e.g. saturated colours and good contrast).

The type of professional digital file supplied to commercial printers, from which to print (if digital printing) or make plates (if litho printing). Click here for a guide to supplying artwork.

The fastening together of pages (e.g. of a book, manual or brochure). Examples include perfect binding, wiro binding, saddle stitch binding, hard binding and soft binding.

An extra extension of images or graphics beyond the edge of a printed page or sheet (usually 3mm in width). This makes sure that, once trimmed, any images or graphic which extend to the edge of the sheet do not have an unwanted white margin.

Blind Emboss
An unprinted image, formed in relief, using a metal ‘die’ which is forced against the paper or card under pressure. Read more

What we can print

We print almost anything!

What we can print

We’re often asked if we print particular items, for example, “Do you print NCR sets?” … “Can you overprint envelopes” … “Do you do packaging” and so on. Well, the good news is that our answer is nearly always “Yes!” We can print any kind of stationery item, virtually any item of sales and marketing collateral and almost any type of large format graphics. However, it goes way beyond those simple categories — take a look:


We regularly print:

  • Business & personal stationery
  • Letterheads
  • Continuation sheets
  • Compliments slips
  • Business cards
  • Corporate envelopes

Sales & Marketing Collateral

The following are no problem at all:

  • Brochures & booklets
  • Catalogues
  • Manuals
  • Flyers & leaflets
  • Newsletters
  • Folders
  • Annual reports
  • Labels and stickers
  • Variable data mail shots
  • Direct mailers
  • Pop-ups & cardboard engineering
  • Overprinted envelopes
  • Programmes
  • Postcards
  • Name tags
  • Point-of-sale signs
  • Point-of-sale flyers
  • Corporate manuals
  • NCR sets
  • Forms


If it’s printed digitally or via litho printing, then packaging is also no problem here at Firstpoint Print. For example:

  • Cartons
  • Pillow packs
  • Sleeves
  • Header cards
  • Hanging packs
  • Labels
  • Swing tags
  • CD and DVD inserts and covers
  • Printed dust jackets for books;
  • Sample packs and swatch packs etc.

Large format printing

Need something printed large? No problem — we can produce all this and more: Read more

A guide to online marketing (Part 1)

A Guide to Online Marketing: Part 1

A guide to online marketing (Part 1)

It’s useful to understand the principles behind online marketing whether you’re sub-contracting your online marketing to a 3rd party expert, or doing it all in-house.

Part 1 – Setting the Foundations

In this, the first of a series of related posts, we explain how to set the ‘foundations’ right before actively engaging in online marketing for your product, service, company or organisation.

You’ll need a website

It goes without saying that, to compete online, you will nearly always benefit from having your own website. That’s not always the case, of course. For instance, you may simply have an eBay or Amazon-based business which doesn’t require one. However, for pretty much everyone else, a website is crucial as a marketing tool. After all, it’ll represent your online ‘shop window’ to the world and is the obvious place people will start looking for information about your products or services before making a buying decision.

Your website must be mobile-friendly

These days websites simply must be mobile-friendly, i.e. display your content at a legible size in user-friendly manner on mobile phones. Otherwise you will lose a significant portion of potential online traffic right off the bat. This is because Google, the most important and dominant of all search engines, demotes the search rank of non mobile-friendly sites specifically in searches from mobile devices and that is a bad thing because mobile searches now represent a large and ever-growing proportion of all online searches, even overtaking desktop searches in many countries. We should also mention that online search engines are potentially the richest source of website traffic and enquiries, gaining you a regular stream of qualified leads if you get your online marketing right. So the message is simple: don’t fail at the first hurdle; your website simply must be mobile-friendly nowadays, or you will lose out. You can test whether your site is mobile-friendly by tapping its URL into this tester and clicking ‘Analyze’. You’ll get the answer in just a few seconds.

Firstpoint Print can help to design and build you a mobile-friendly website should you require professional help. We use a web architecture which is search-engine-friendly, mobile-friendly and allows you to control your own content should you want to do so. It is also an ‘open source’ platform which means that we can add all manner of bells and whistles (e.g. e-commerce, booking systems etc.) without it costing you an arm and a leg because such modules already exist as plug-ins written specially for the platform, so can be easily bolted on.

Make sure your website includes an integral blog

As well as being mobile-friendly, your site should ideally include an integral blog. The full reasons for that will be explained later, but suffice it to say that you’ll be missing a trick if you decide to run with a website which does not incorporate a fully-functional blog. There you can announce news, useful information, tips, tricks, new product launches, competitions and lots more. Firstpoint Print’s website design & development service incorporates a blog facility by default and it is a cutting-edge system which is both easy to use and search engine-friendly. It also includes an ‘RSS’ feed which, without getting too technical, simply helps your content to be found and automatically ‘syndicated’ around the web, spreading your message to a degree on auto-pilot.

On-line marketing starts off-line – think print!

First, though; let’s first get some more basics in place. You have your website and, we’ll assume, a decent website domain and hosting to house it on (if you need help with that, simply let us know). So now you need to tell people where your website is. At the very least, you should make sure that your website is clearly signposted by printing it on all your sales and marketing literature and corporate stationery. So don’t forget to include its URL (domain address) on your letterheads, compliments slips, business cards, brochures, flyers, leaflets and any other pieces of ‘physical’ marketing collateral — exhibition and display stands included. And don’t forget to include it adverts, mail-shots and, most importantly, in your email signature, where you should also make the web address clickable. Otherwise each one of those corporate pieces is a wasted marketing opportunity, bearing in mind that many people will want to check your business out before picking up the phone — so don’t give them any reason not to contact you. Read more

3 new branch sites & blogs for Firstpoint Print

New Branch Websites for Clerkenwell, London Bridge & Victoria Centres

3 new branch sites & blogs for Firstpoint Print

The Firstpoint Print group are pleased to announce that each of the 3 Central London branches now has its own separate website and blog. These will run in parallel to the ‘Group’ site and blog which you’re looking at right now. So if you are located close to one branch in particular, you can now find out the latest services, printing news and special offers for that one location — so it’s much more focused on work produced for companies and organisations in your own particular neighbourhood.

So the good news is that we’ll now be publishing four times the content, four times the news and probably four times the special offers!

We invite customers to bookmark their most local branch Firstpoint Print Clerkenwell's new website & blogsite, as detailed below:

Clerkenwell EC1 Branch:

Firstpoint Print Clerkenwell’s site can be seen at and their blog is here. As you may notice the Clerkenwell branch site is differentiated from the others with magenta/pink detailing.

Firstpoint Print London Bridge's new website & blogLondon Bridge SE1 Branch:

Firstpoint Print London Bridge’s website can be found at and their blog can be seen here. The London Bridge branch site is differentiated using green detailing.

Victoria SW1 Branch:

Firstpoint Print Victoria's new website & blogFirstpoint Print Victoria’s website is at and their news blog can be seen here. The Victoria branch site is differentiated from the other branches using cyan (sky blue) detailing.

Each individual branch blog will feature Read more

Business card

10 Ways To Make Your Business Card Memorable

Business card

A business card is just a business card isn’t it? Well not necessarily; it really can be a whole lot more. With a bit of imagination, some design flair and marketing forethought, a business card can make an excellent first impression, create a great talking point and impress the recipient so much that they not only cherish the card but also request more copies so that they can show it to others! A well executed business card can therefore become a marketing tool which continues to deliver long after you first present it, creating a long-lasting reminder of your service or product, despite a fairly minimal cost.

So how can this be done? Here we’ll start off with the simple, obvious tips and work towards the more radical ideas as we go along …

First, though, a clarification of what’s “normal”: the most common business cards are ‘credit card’ size (85mm x 55mm), usually but not always in landscape format. So obviously this size means that they can be stored easily in top pockets, wallets, purses, credit card holders, business card holders and so on. They’re cheap to produce and incredibly convenient.

1: Unusual sizes or proportions

To be a little bit different you can first consider an unusual size. For example square cards are becoming increasingly popular at the moment, particularly those which are 55mm square as they still have all the benefits of the credit card size. They’re funky and memorable as are ‘mini’ business cards which can be something akin to a ‘half height’ business card e.g. W85mm x H27mm – a really wide format which again still enjoys all the convenience of the standard credit card size but is a little more unusual and therefore a little more memorable.

2: Print on both sides

This one is a no-brainer! We see so many cards printed on just one side but it’s such a missed opportunity. Printing on the reverse side can allow for an attractive design of some kind, another reminder of your brand, service or product, or additional information which might be useful to the recipient. What’s more, printing on the 2nd side really doesn’t add that much to the final cost – you’ve paid for the material already!

TIP 3: Consider rounded corners

Another simple embellishment which adds very little to the cost of your business cards is to request rounded corners. At Firstpoint Print we have a special tool which we can use to give business cards round corners – it’s easy, quick, and economical. More importantly it gives your business cards a modern look and makes them a little different to the norm.

Die-cut star-shaped business card3: Unusual shapes

We can take the above a stage further and give your business cards a unique shape. Instead of being square or rectangular, you could have round business cards, or business cards which are die-cut to the shape of your product. Similarly, if your logo is star-shaped then the whole business card could be shaped in the same way, with a large logo to one side and your contact details on the reverse. A shape such as this will cost extra because a bespoke cutting tool will need to be made but the marketing benefits are potentially enormous. We already know of several companies who use this approach to great effect, their business cards being a replica of the exact size and shape of their actual products. So when they hand out their business cards they can also explain that their product itself is exactly that size and shape – so the business card works very hard as a marketing tool as well as providing all the usual branding and contact details.

4: High quality, eye-catching finishes

Consider matt lamination, gloss lamination, metallic foil, spot UV varnish (high gloss) or a combination of all of the above. This way your business card not only has a great design but also catches the light in unusual ways and feels unusual and high quality too.

5: Unusual textures

It’s also well worth considering the use of unusual card textures rather than the standard ‘ivory card’ which many business cards tend to use. So a nice ‘watercolour paper’ type texture or ‘onion skin’ texture can really lift a business card away from the ordinary, particularly if coupled with some of the other tips like the use of foil blocking, rounded corners etc.

6: Folded business cards

This takes double-sided business cards a stage further. Instead of just having 2 sides, why not consider a business card folded so that you have 4 sides to print on. Or 6 if you have a gate-fold. This will give you extra space to include information and marketing content as well as being a little out of the norm. Read more