Printing for restaurants, cafés & pubs

Printing for Cafés, Pubs & Restaurants in London

Printing for cafés, restaurants and pubs

Londoners are spoilt for choice when it comes to places to eat and drink. It’s fair to say that just about every possible taste is covered. From fast food to fine dining, London has cafés, pizzerias, burger bars, coffee houses, pubs, Italian restaurants, Greek, Indian, Chinese, Turkish, French and – well, food and drink from probably every culture and continent you can think of. This post is for anyone running such an establishment.

You’re going to need some printing, not least some printed menus for your customers. You may require ‘table talkers’ or other marketing collateral for your tables. You might need posters to showcase special offers. Perhaps you run a loyalty scheme for customers and need some loyalty cards to hand out and to get those customers coming back for more. Or maybe you need gift vouchers or money-off vouchers, marketing leaflets to hand out in the locality or eye-catching banners, posters and signs. Last but not least, each of your waiting staff will need a multi-copy order pad to take those orders.

Printing & Design

The good news is that Firstpoint Print can supply not only printing and production of all of these items, but also top-notch graphics and design should you need them. We can design something in keeping with an existing brand or style, or something completely new. Either way, we’ll make it look enticing and attractive for you and your customers.

Printed Menus

Your menus are an incredibly important item, so it’s important to get them right. We can supply them in many different ways. Whether you require printed sheets to slide into a traditional style menu book with internal plastic sleeves, free-standing matt laminated folded menus, gloss encapsulated menus that will be a breeze to wipe clean — or some other approach, we can print and produce them for you. With digital printing in-house at every branch, low volume printing of this nature is both economical and fast.

Restaurant table talkerPrinted Table-Talkers

When you have a special offer or perhaps a new item on the menu, table-talkers are a great way to draw attention to them and get those orders rolling in. Typically 2, 3 or 4-sided, these cardboard messengers sit there right on the customer table, in full view to everyone on the table, for maximum attention. They’re quick and easy to produce and are relatively inexpensive.

Multi-Part NCR Order Pads

We can print your waiting staff’s order pads as ‘NCR’ (No Carbon Required) sets which allow you to have multiple copies of each order taken at the tables (one copy for the kitchen, one for the waiter or waitress and so on).

Printed Posters and Signs

Displaying printed wall posters and hanging signs in your establishment is another great way to draw attention to your special offer, new menu, seasonal events and marketing messages. They work tirelessly to Read more

Print finishing

Finishing Touches

Print finishing options

It’s often easy to overlook all the ways that printed documents can be transformed in what commercial printers call the ‘finishing’ stages. There is an incredible array of finishing techniques and services available. Such processes can do anything from augmenting your document, for example adding rounded corners or spot varnish, to converting flat sheets into something completely different, for example pads, pop-up greetings cards or folded cartons. So, we thought we’d highlight many of the options available at Firstpoint Print.

Scoring, Creasing & Folding

Starting with the most simple, obvious finishing services, we first come to folding, scoring and creasing. These are extremely inexpensive techniques to turn things like flat sheets into folded sheets — perfect when making booklets, brochures, newsletters, greetings cards and so on. Whether we score or crease depends upon the thickness of the paper/card being used but, rest assured, you can leave such decisions to us.


When you need to be able to easily tear your documents along a predefined path, we can perforate the sheets to make it easy and accurate. We can also ‘micro perf’ on thinner sheets so that the path of the perforation is virtually invisible. Perforation is great for things like tear-off reply cards, tickets and vouchers and is one of those inexpensive finishing processes that simply make life easier. We can perforate in straight lines or, through use of a special tool, in curves and shapes of your choosing.


Keeping with the simple finishing processes first, we come to guillotining. Our guillotines can accurately and quickly cut whole reams of paper and card in one quick action. They’re even laser guided! So if you need something cut down to a smaller size, just let us know. Guillotining is another very inexpensive process.


Whether it’s permanently gluing tabs during the assembly of cartons, or using removable glue to temporarily hold a business card into a folder, we have many gluing processes available. We can glue multiple sheets of paper along one edge to form pads and we can add peel-off glue strips to items you may later want to seal (bespoke envelopes for example). We can even ‘print’ glue that allows the recipient to fold a document in half and seal the edges together with a little moisture – great when sending documents that need to double as a response form.

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Print for packaging

Print for Packaging

Print for packaging

At Firstpoint Print, we can print way more than just brochures, booklets, stationery and general sales or marketing literature. We can also print and produce printed packaging, in all its various forms.

  • Printed Labels
  • Stickers
  • Swing Tickets
  • Cardboard sleeves
  • Header cards
  • Cartons
  • Pillow packs
  • Boxes
  • Backing cards
  • Box outers
  • Paper bags
  • Wrapping paper

  • Product dispensers
  • Instruction sheets
  • Information booklets
  • Warranty documents
  • Gift cards
  • Vouchers


Packaging - printing for cartons, boxes etc.We print almost anything related to packaging – including printed labels, stickers, swing tickets, cardboard sleeves, header cards (with or without cello bags and ‘Euro slots’), cardboard product cartons, pillow packs, backing cards (for example, for ‘clam’ packs and ‘blister’ packs), box ‘outers’, printed bags — we can even wrapping paper – after all these are simply ink on paper or board to us, so are what we do best – commercial printing!

If you’re a manufacturer, distributor or retailer of own brand products, don’t forget that we can also print the support documentation for products too, including instruction sheets or booklets, including text, diagrams and translated notes, warranty information and reply-paid cards, gift cards, money off vouchers and coupons, and so on.

Print Finishing & Creative Innovation

We can print, crease, score, fold, glue, perforate, supply flat packaging cartons with ‘crash folds’ so they are ready to become 3D when simply squeezed together, supply ‘outers’ that double as product dispensers when opened, we can collate, add ties, ribbons, eyelets, punched or drilled holes, we can die-cut to special shapes and we can accept your own design and artwork, or offer that to you as a service too — we have in-house graphic designers at all three Central London branches for the creative generation of graphics and artwork.

Agile Printing Technologies & Services

Don’t forget — we also offer a choice of printing technologies so that you can get the very best result for your budget and production run; we have in-house litho printing for large volumes and spot colour work, digital printing for short run, fast turnaround work and large format printing for anything large. We also offer a full print management service should you prefer to let us organise all your printing requirements, so you don’t have to.

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