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Branding & Logo Design

The face of your business – make it a pretty one with intelligence behind the eyes.


Branding is an extremely important element of your business.  You may have a fantastic USP; you may have a great business model; you may have a praiseworthy work ethic.  If your brand and logo look cheap, people won’t take the time to see any of that: they’ll have moved on to the cowboys with Filipino sweat-shops and a great logo.  Lesson: appearances and first impressions COUNT.


A little-known fact is that colour is the number-one memory trigger for a logo.  You see an orange sign a hundred metres down the road, you can’t read the words but your unconscious is thinking, ‘ah, either an Orange store or a Sainsbury’s’.  A specific and unique colour in a logo increases brand recognition by as much as 80%, according to studies in the field.

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This leads to the next point: don’t use more than two colours in a logo, unless you have a specific reason for doing so.  Sometimes three or four colours may represent something specific about your business; otherwise, keep it simple.  Each extra colour simply dilutes that brand recognition.

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Keep it vector

A logo should always be created in vector format.  Some try to create it in something like Photoshop, a raster-based programme used for pixel-based images.  This means you can’t maintain colour consistency, you can’t use Pantone colours, you can’t enlarge it beyond the size at which it was created, and it means text won’t render sharply.

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Make it iconic

Many logos simply make use of the name of the company in a display font and that’s fine.  However, if your logo includes an icon—preferably one which embodies the company or uses the company’s initials—that icon can be used by itself without losing the brand strength or confusing the audience.  Customers come to recognise your brand without even seeing the company name.

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What’s your type?

One of the worst things for brand recognition and strength is using four or five typefaces.  By all means use a funky font for display text and in the logo, but after that revert to a clean, legible font for copy and STICK TO IT.

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Where we come in

Logo design takes three things: creativity, effort and the appropriate software.  Many people can supply one or more of these elements.  Our job is to supply all three.  All of the logos shown here were designed and artworked by our designers here at FirstpointPrint and we can do the same for you.  We’re not just some high-street copy-shop!  In other words, we don’t copy — we create.