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Here’s a recap on the technicalities of Additive and subtractive colour reproduction… or RGB and CMYK as you’ll probably know it.   RGB   RGB stands for Red, Green and Blue.  It’s the colours which lie roughly at either extreme and the middle of the spectrum of light after it passes through a prism.  It’s […]


Due to a recent request, here is a recap of some technical points (pardon the pun) about typography in the real world of print This article doesn’t deal with the design side of typography, we’ll approach that in a future post.  This article is concerned with the technicalities and real-world considerations a designer faces before […]

Are people sick of eShots?

This article may seem a little odd (read: hypocritical, confusing, contradictory, self-deprecating yet self-serving) but bear with us. It is merely looking at both sides of the argument. We have already talked about eShots (HTML marketing/informative emails) and their benefits and technicalities, and we’re sure to return to them at a later date as well. […]

A refresher course

We’ve previously posted information on various technical matters and guides to producing artwork, etc.  A quick reminder has been requested, so here is our guide to producing print-ready artwork, including a link at the end to a downloadable PDF guide… You’ve designed your artwork and it looks perfect.  Congratulations, you’re halfway there!  The other half […]

Summer is here…

…finally.  No, it’s been a pretty good year, all told.We’re not ones to say it’s too cold then complain about the heat! So, what can you do to make the most of the serotonin-fueled Summer spirit?  Or, considered another way: what can you do when your customers are wallowing in a lethargic, sweaty slump with […]

Promoting your business

By ‘promoting your business’, we’re not limiting the reference to companies – we mean ‘busy-ness’ in the literal sense.  Sure, you may be a multinational, blue-chip company or you may be a quirky artist raising exposure for their work; you may even be a not-for-profit charity.  Whatever your business, it will only increase if it is exposed […]

Raised print

There are two ways to create the impression of three dimensions in design/print: one is to use special effects in the design itself (as in the intro image above); the other is to actually make it three dimensional. A raised (or lowered) print can really make an impression (pun intended) and give a design more […]

Put a SPRING in your step

Spring has finally sprung!  It’s a time of growth and new beginnings.  What better time for that new campaign or marketing push?  Maybe it’s simply time to give your advertising ideas a Spring clean. At Firstpoint we can help you to launch your business out of the dark months in a few important ways… Clarify your […]

Happy Easter

Find the Easter egg to win!   We’re hiding cards with Easter eggs printed on them in random clients’ packages.  If you find one, get in touch to find out what you’ve won. It’s time to remind you to get your print projects in so they can be ready for Easter.  If you’re planning an […]

Here’s to all the mothers out there!

Don’t poets know it, Better than others? God can’t be always everywhere: and, so, Invented Mothers. Sir Edwin Arnold   Mother’s Day The holiday in honour of mothers that is celebrated in countries throughout the world. In its modern form the day originated in the United States, where it is observed on the second Sunday […]