Adding Value with Personalised Printing

Adding value and improving ROI with personalised printing

Imagine, for a minute, that you’re visiting a conference, trade fair, or are meeting a supplier and they hand you a full colour printed brochure or catalogue that addresses you by name, right there on the cover as part of the beautifully printed and designed graphics. Not only does that give you a great first impression, which alone is priceless, but it also says a lot about the person or organisation handing it over to you. They did their research. They thought ahead. They are proactive. They are highly organised and professional — and they did this just for you. They really want to work with you. You are important to them.

So, already, you have a good feeling about the possible partnership. Let’s take this a step further though; if you open the catalogue, booklet or manual and continue to see your name or company name mentioned, the impression is even greater. The people that handed it to you really want to do business with you!

Now imagine that the piece of literature has elements of graphics, text and information in it that only applies to you and your organisation — and no other. Perhaps your company logo is even featured in the printing. This is one piece of sales or marketing literature that you are not going to discard in a hurry! Although it is professionally designed and printed, there is stuff in there that is for you — and you alone. These guys really mean business!

This is personalised printing at its very best

We mentioned Personalised Printing in our ‘Variable Data Printing’ post before but here we’re building on that to show the types of ‘real world’ use such personalised printing allows — ultra close targeting leading to incredibly high engagement levels. Now that’s impressive — and represents just the kind of return on investment you should be looking for from your sales and marketing literature. Sales and marketing collateral that delivers. When planned and executed well, it delivers an exceptional first impression and much warmer prospects. Prospects that are far more likely to convert into customers, or repeat customers.

Training courses are another great example of a situation where personalised printing can pay dividends. Most training courses will want repeat business. So if you run such a course, consider personalising your printing so that every participant has their name and company incorporated seamlessly into the training manual and supporting documents. Not only is it practical (training manuals will stand less chance of being misappropriated if they include names) but personalisation also says quality and helps to encourage positive feedback about the course once participants are back at the office.

Mail shots are another obvious opportunity for personalised printing. With a carefully compiled database, pieces of sales and marketing literature arriving by post are far more likely to pass the quarter-of-a-second ‘bin or read’ test if they are printed with the recipient’s name incorporated into the design, title and text. They will probably even result in a ‘double take’ due to the element of surprise. Neither is at all common using non-personalised printing. Personalisation grabs attention, instantly.

Now take the humble business card. Hang on, you might be thinking. That has the supplier’s name on it, so how can that be personalised? Well, actually, there is a neat little trick that can be accomplished here. Say, perhaps, that you’re talking to a prospect or contact and they ask you for a business card (or maybe you’re reciprocating). Here, with personalised printing taken in a slightly different direction, you could perhaps have a series of different designs and colourways on your business card. Fan a few out and ask them to pick their favourite. This not only adds an unusual element to the handover but also means they are, quite literally, choosing the business card that appeals to them the most. If you are in the creative industries, this is gold dust. Straight away you have left them with a design and visual identity that they definitely like, after all they chose it from a number of different designs or colourways, rather than a single option imposed upon them (… which they might not like). This is a great way for creatives, in particular, to leave something, known to be perceived as attractive, with prospects and customers. A significant part of the battle is already won.

Even high street brands are now heavily into personalisation. Big brands, from Coca-Cola and Oreo to Heinz Soup, are now realising the added value that personalisation can bring to the customer (with the added value also adding significantly to the bottom line).

Talk to Firstpoint Print about how our digital printing facilities can be used to personalise your sales and marketing collateral to take printing from ordinary to extraordinary, with results to match. Create your excellent first impression and show your prospects and customers that you are highly organised, proactive, professional and that they really matter to you. Essentially, all you need is a great design (we can help with that too) and a suitably formatted database — we’ll take care of the rest or guide you through the process, as you prefer. Call or contact your nearest branch for more details:

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