A closer look at our web design service

We’ve already announced our new web design service, but here are some more details on pricing, etc.


What we do

We base our websites on the WordPress framework, but don’t worry, we’re not simply selling on WordPress templates for a profit!  A lot of time and effort goes into building a website; the WordPress template merely provides a starting structure, so the backend HTML and CSS coding is already done.  Without this head start, each website would costs thousands, rather than hundreds.

The service we provide is fourfold:

1: We organize your hosting and transfer or register your domain, then install the WordPress framework onto your webspace on the server.

2: We then install and activate a premium WordPress theme, which we will have chosen according to the type of website and functionality you need.  We may provide you with a few options if we’re not sure which would suit you best.  After all, it’s your website.

3: Next we customise the theme so that it reflects your brand, altering colours, fonts and other styling elements, by tweaking the CSS code.  Details like this are very important and often overlooked, especially by companies which simply choose a template and leave it at that.

4: Finally we populate the site, adding your text and images, videos and graphics.  We’ll create the pages which you need to need in order to present your service or information to the world.


  • Hosting and WordPress install
  • Choose and activate theme
  • Brand the site for you
  • Populate the site

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What will it cost?

This is often an open-ended process, but it’s good to have an idea of what the basic package costs.  We start by quoting for a three-page website, which covers most of the basics and gets you up and running.  That may include an introductory home page, a products/services page and a contact page.  Other pages can easily be added later.

The cost for this starter package is £299, including VAT.  This includes a premium template, a year’s hosting and all the setup necessary to get the site working.  If you already have the domain and hosting in place, this price is reduced to £249.

If you decide from the start that you need more pages, we can add them at a cost of £50 per page, based on standard content (text and images).  This cost covers the time taken to typeset the text and process the images, etc., as well as making the pages themselves and incorporating them into the website structure.

We can also offer custom functionality, e.g. e-commerce, and this will be priced according to the specific requirement.


  • Starter package: £299
  • Website only: £249
  • Extra pages: £50 each
  • Custom content: POA

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What do I have to do?

The first thing is to let us know exactly what you do and don’t need from us – full package or just the website, etc.  If you have your own hosting you’ll need to give us all the details so we can log on to your server and install WordPress.

Next we recommend that you work out what you want to include in the website and what is to go on each page.  This will allow us to structure the site and build the basic framework, as well as the menu structure.

Finally you need to write your content and decide on photos (we can supply stock photos if you don’t have any).


  • Full package or website only
  • Summarise pages and content
  • Write content and choose photos

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